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COVID Lockdown Distance Reiki comments:

'I am happy and excited now I know how well distance Reiki works wherever I am in the world.' 

'It was amazing how even though it was not an in-person treatment I could feel it just as strong.'

'My inner body feels light and spacious. I don't feel blocked in heart and throat as I have been.  Like there is a clear flow from bottom to top and back down again. And now I am up and suddenly feel energised! Amazing.'

I had Reiki with Luana twice while I was recovering from intensive chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant to treat Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.  My body had been through a great deal and I was feeling physically and emotionally battered. On each occasion, Luana came to my house. She was very friendly and professional.  She immediately took charge to make sure that I was comfortable and relaxed. She explained what she was going to do and provided incense and relaxing sounds as well as a glass of water for me to drink afterwards. 
In a few minutes, everything was in place and we began. Having never tried Reiki before I wasn't sure what to expect,  but I felt very calm and relaxed and I had a kind of warm relaxed feeling. On the second treatment, I was so relaxed that I fell asleep so Luana quietly slipped out and left me to rest. It was lovely. I would thoroughly recommend Luana for Reiki.

Jane Leahy, Bloodwise Ambassador

I had a reiki session with Luana last week.  A few days before having it I had come to the difficult decision that my marriage is over and that I need to move on.  I feel that I have taken the right step forward for myself.  The session with Lu really helped me ground this step.  I have no doubts anymore that it is the right thing to do, which makes a big difference to my wellbeing.  I also found that my sleep has been more sound and restful for the last few nights.  Lu is a great presence.  She is very gracious and puts a lot of humour in what she does and that makes things so much lighter and relaxed.  I felt the warmth of it throughout (as I am always cold and have cold feet, it was really nice to feel warm and comfortable).  Thank you for your time and commitment during this session.

Rose Y, London

Reiki you say?  I had no idea what Reiki was and how it could benefit me/my family, but I am certainly grateful that Luana had the time to explain, and the opportunity to provide Reiki.  At my first session, I was at an especially emotionally challenging time and felt completely drained.  Over the course of 45-minutes, Luana had been able to help me calm my thoughts and focus on relaxing.  After the session, I was tired but in a good way as my thoughts often race around my head constantly, and I was able to sleep with a lighter heart that evening.  Since then, I call Luana in the evenings to help when life feels a little overwhelming at times.

My 7-year old daughter has also seemed to inherit my anxiety at times and sometimes feels sadness but is unable to communicate why.  Luana offered to practice Reiki on her (and is now providing Reiki for my 4-year old who suffers from nightmares) and after just a couple of sessions, my daughter now asks me to call Luana to send her Reiki when she is feeling low!

I'm still not 100% sure how Reiki works but frankly, it doesn't matter - all that matters for us is that it works and God bless Luana's healing hands and energy. 

Sian Rowlands-Mackenzie, London

I started slightly sceptical about the benefits of Reiki but have been converted to a complete believer.  Lu was great and I felt amazingly calm and relaxed from my distance sessions.  I would 100% recommend Lureiki.

G Hall, London

Luana is so helpful and understanding.  To be able to have a treatment and not have to leave my house is so amazing!  She has treated both myself and my 13-year-old son through some very stressful times. Thank you Luana.

J Winterflood, London

I have turned to Luana as last resort for my very sore hands.  Conventional medicine only offered steroids as I have lupus.  I had four sessions and start sleeping better and finally start believing that there is another way.  I was very alert and worried at first but on a fourth session got very relaxed and in peace. Luana was very encouraging and supportive. Thank you.

Tatiana Alliu, London (distance Reiki)

Lu sent some distance Reiki to my dog Bella who had a nasty injury.  Bella became really settled and calm after each session when she was previously agitated/stressed.  I highly recommend Lu's services!

Cheryl Higgins, Rutland

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